Lava-Lite - Naturally The Best

Lava-Lite - Naturally The Best

All of our LAVA-LITE products are derived from volcanic deposits. They are all natural, lightweight and pH neutral.

We have meticulously curated a range of LAVA-LITE products that offer the horticultural world ecological solutions, including moisture management, frost protection, pest control and soil conditioning. Our products are easy to use, provide great results and don’t require careful handling. In addition to this, our products are all non-toxic, making them child, pet and environmentally friendly. As part of our passion and awareness for the wider world, we are working towards presenting all of our products in sustainable packaging.

Here at LAVA-LITE we never rest; continually researching further innovative products to add to our range, all of which will carry our 100% natural guarantee.

Choosing a LAVA-LITE product is a great decision.

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Our Environmental Credentials

Here at LAVA-LITE we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and have considered every part of our process. This ensures that you can use this product knowing it really is a ZERO HARM, CHILD/PET SAFE and 100% NATURAL addition to your horticultural needs.

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Lava-Lite - 100% Natural, Eco-Friendly and Child/Pet Safe

What Our Customers Say

Great item for using with your succulent plants ... ideal for planting those precious plants and keeping them in good health - Customer (Kent) reviewing Cactus-Gro+

NO GNATS does the job! This product works very well and completely got rid of the infestation of fungus gnats in my office plants - Customer (York) reviewing No-Gnats

Looks the part. This will be added to my Cypripedium bed to give them that free draining but moist compost they enjoy, Perfect - Customer (Brighton) reviewing Lava-Lite+

I looked at drenches, insecticides etc but thought I would give this a try as it could be done in situ, it is very easy to spread and I put around 20 mm plus right up to the rim of the pot. It has had no adverse effect on the plant I bought a 3 litre which goes a long way and the gnats seem to have gone. - Customer (Cornwall) reviewing No-Gnats

I use this to repot bonsai trees and although this product is a coarse grain it can be easily broken down into finer pieces if necessary. Good value product would recommend. - Customer (Wales) reviewing Lava-Lite+

Say goodbye to fungus gnats. Very effective - Customer (Birmingham) reviewing No-Gnats

Fantastic product, actually holds a great deal of moisture. I've tried other brands and they don't retain or wick as much moisture. I use this as a sole potting media for house plants and they love it. - Customer (Scotland) reviewing Lava-Lite+