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Have you got some patio pots that are looking a little bit tired? You're not sure whether to put new compost in or just stick with what you've got? Michael Perry (Mr Plant Geek) introduces the video to camera, sat at a table, with a close up of a plant container.
SOIL-RESTORE+, this is just what you need. This can bring tired soil back to life. Great for patio pot soil and happy house plants or even the soil in your borders outdoors. A bag of SOIL-RESTORE+ drops in to shot from above and lands on the table. Michael then tears open the bag, removes a tired plant from the dry soil in the container. He then takes some of the SOIL-RESTORE+ from the bag and mixes it in to the soil with his hands.
SOIL-RESTORE+ can help to aerate the soil, improving drainage, especially in borders of heavy clay soil. It gives roots a clear run when it comes to seeking out nutrients that are already in the soil. Michael takes another smaller plant out of its pot and adds it to the container.
It's a soil conditioner and improver all in one. He then taps the container and another bag of SOIL-RESTORE+ drops in to view, in front of the container.