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Have you been gifted an orchid recently by a member of your family or a friend and you want to make them really proud by keeping it alive? Maybe even getting it to re-flower? Michael Perry introduces the video sat at his lounge table with two bags of ORCHID-GRO+ and an orchid placed around him.
ORCHID-GRO+ is perfect to use when re-potting your orchids. Close up shot of Michael moving a bag of ORCHID-GRO+ towards the camera. He then tears open the bag, and pours it into a bowl of compost.
Mix it with your usual compost, this is going to help to aid aeration and assist with drainage because the main problem with orchids is often over watering. Michael uses his hands to mix the compost and ORCHID-GRO+ together in the bowl. The camera changes to show Michael stiring the contents of the bowl with a wooden spoon. He then winks at the camera.
Soon you will have orchids re-flowering like crazy. Wider shot of Michael sat at the table, pointing to two fully grown, healthy orchids. This is followed by a close up of the orchids.