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Are you tired of slugs and snails ruining your favourite plants? Why not surround your prized plants with a ring of protection? Michael Perry (Mr Plant Geek) starts the video by looking through an eaten leaf, before throwing it away and the camera changing to a close up shot of Michael placing down a bag of NO-SLUGS on to the table, between two pots of eaten plants.
Introducing the groundbreaking NO-SLUGS. It's another natural LAVA-LITE product, which creates a jagged surface, which slugs and snails find it difficult to slide their devilish bodies across. Close up of Michael tearing open the bag, pouring the product on to the surface of one of the plant pots. This is followed by close up shots of the pot from different angles.
Not only does it look sexy...oh yeah...and showcase your plants to best effect, it's also non-toxic, so safer for pets and children. More slow motion shots of Michael pouring the product on to a plant and smoothing it out, creating a barrier around the base of the plant.
Stop slugs and snails in their slimy tracks. Close Up of Michael.