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Have you been banned from buying more house plants because your lounge is just full of all of those tiny little flies and such? Michael Perry (Mr Plant Geek) is sat at his lounge table with two houseplants either side of him. The next sequence of shots are Michael trying to swat flies from around the plants, using his hands.
Why not try NO-GNATS? Use this natural LAVA-LITE product to create a barrier between the moist soil and the air. Close up shot from below of Michael placing a bag of NO-GNATS down on to the table. Close up shot overhead of Michael then tearing open the bag, prising apart the edges to show the contents of the bag and then pouring the product on top of a plant.
This stops gnats laying their eggs on the soil and also traps any fungus gnats below the lava level. Michael then pats down and smoothes the product with his hands.
Cure all fungus gnat problems with this 100% natural, eco-friendly solution which also increases moisture retention by 25%, and your houseplants will be so much more handsome! Close up shots of the plant pots from different angles, with the product on top, before a wider shot of Michael parting the two plants and then winking to camera.