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Want to jet off on holiday this summer but don't want to ask your neighbours to water your pots? Michael Perry (Mr Plant Geek) is sat at his table with plants in pots either side of him. There is then a close up of the plants.
Maybe you've always got cheeky weeds appearing, just where you don't expect them. Close up shot of Michael leaning in to the plants, with them framing him either side.
Why not get into pot-toppers? This is the ideal way to keep moisture locked in and keep your plants happy. Aerial view of Michael pushing a bag of LAVA-LITE+ into view, between the two plant pots. He then tears open the bag and the camera looks over the bag as he then grabs some product out of the bag.
You can use it on patio containers, across borders or on your houseplants. Wide shot of Michael flanked by the plants, followed by a close up of him placing the product by hand on to one of the pots.
It will up-style your pots, keeping moisture locked in and keeping weeds at bay, plus, it will keep your plants warm during those colder, chilly months. What a result! Close up shot of Michael removing a weed from one of the pots. The camera then shows a close up of the bag of LAVA-LITE+ placed between three of the pots. Snow starts to fall over the screen but soon turns to a warm glow.