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Do you find that compost makes far too much mess indoors? Michael Perry (Mr Plant Geek) talks to camera whilst sat at his lounge table. There are bags of HYDRO-GRO+ and plants in pots scattered around Michael. He picks up a pot and removes the plant.
Maybe it's time to go compost free. Close up of Michael talking to camera
Hydro-Gro+ is great for those wanting to go soilless, reduce soil-borne diseases, encourage beneficial bacteria and more. Michael tears open a bag of HYDRO-GRO+. Close up shot of Michael pouring the product in to a glass pot, then placing a plant with lots of roots directly into the HYDRO-GRO+ within the pot.
You can use it time and time again. Such a great value, it's stylish, it's elegant, it's a lot safer for pets as well. Easier to mop up water than it is to hoover up compost. Close up of Michael then watering the soilless plant, followed by a wider shot of Michael sat at his table with a bag of HYDRO-GRO+ and plants in pots scattered around.
It looks like it's time to go compostless. Close up of Michael.