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Are you the type of person that kills your cacti and succulents with kindness? Michael Perry (Mr Plant Geek) speaks directly to the camera sat at his lounge table. There are bags of CACTUS-GRO+, potted cacti and succulents on display around him. There is then a close up shot of him holding a cactus and small watering can, with a kind smile on his face.
STOP! Camera quickly zooms in on Michael as he holds his hand up in a stop motion.
LAVA-LITE Cactus-Gro+ can be mixed into the potting mix to help regulate moisture levels. Michael places a bag of CACTUS-GRO+ in to shot, tears the packet open and starts to pour the product into a bowl. The camera then shows a shot of Michael's hands mixing the product in the bowl with soil, following on with a close up shot of the potting mix in his hands.
Help your cacti and succulents thrive with tip-top drainage, just the right moisture levels and a healthy root system. Michael speaks directly to the camera. The camera then shows a shot of the potting mix in his hands.
You can also use it on the surface of the container to help those cacti shine. Close up shot of a bag of CACTUS-GRO+ on the table with four potted cacti and succculents, looking resplendent with CACTUS-GRO+ on top.