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How does SOIL-RESTORE+ work?

Suitable for: Compacted soil, dug in to borders or any potted plants

Over time soil compacts, air pockets reduce and clay can become difficult to plant in, requiring continual management and hours of hard digging to provide your plants their best growing environments. SOIL-RESTORE+ offers a long-term solution; this 100% natural, pH neutral medium instantly improves the soil structure when dug into your borders.

By offering soil aeration to improve drainage and water distribution in heavy clay-based soils, SOIL-RESTORE+ reduces clay compaction, allowing roots to seek out much needed nutrients.

The addition of SOIL-RESTORE+ to borders reduces the need for continual back breaking soil turning; introduce with feed to offer your plants a happy place to live and thrive.

SOIL-RESTORE+ is a great soil conditioner and soil improver, can be used with compost and any indoor or outdoor potted plant.

Benefits of SOIL-RESTORE+

Benefits of SOIL-RESTORE+

Improves soil/compost structure
Helps to improve and condition the soil/compost for better structure

Stops compaction
Helps to break apart heavy clay based soils, allowing the soil to breathe and drain more

Promote healthy roots
Deeper aeration helps to create stronger, deeper roots

Increases air exchange
Adds much needed air to roots in the substructure

Prevents waterlogging
Quick draining prevents waterlogging from excess rain or watering

Retains nutritents
Holds on to nutrients for plants to use as and when they need them

How to use SOIL-RESTORE+

How to use SOIL-RESTORE+

Step 1
Depending on the size of the area or pot, place the required amount of product on top of the soil you are about to cultivate.

Step 2
Start to dig the product in to the area or pot, mixing it through the soil as you go.

Step 3
Repeat the process for every patch of soil or pot you would like to amend.


Is it possible to use LAVA-LITE SOIL-RESTORE+ on indoor plants?

Yes. SOIL-RESTORE+ is ideal for use in all potted plants, both indoor and outdoor.

Can LAVA-LITE SOIL-RESTORE+ be used with any type of soil?

Yes. SOIL-RESTORE+ is perfectly at home dug in to any type of soil or compost.

I have raised beds. Is LAVA-LITE SOIL-RESTORE+ suitable?

Definitely. SOIL-RESTORE+ is great for reviving raised bed soil.

How much do I need to use?

This very much depends on the size of the area or pot you are digging the product in to. The larger the area the more product is required.

Could I use SOIL-RESTORE+ on my allotment?

Absolutely. SOIL-RESTORE+ can be used on any patch of earth that needs help with improving the soil structure and reducing soil compaction.

Do I need to sift out the fines before I start using the product?

No. The fines also carry the same benefits of the larger stones, so use everything in the pouch!

Can SOIL-RESTORE+ be used along side other soil improvers like coco coir?

Yes. The product is chemically inert and will not react or interfere with any other products, but still maintain its own efficiency.

If I am potting my plant for outdoors, could I use SOIL-RESTORE+ at the bottom, before I put the soil in, to help with drainage?

Absolutely. Depending on the size of your pot, fill about 15-25% of its capacity with SOIL-RESTORE+ at the bottom. This will help get air to the roots, stop them becoming too wet and allow the root to draw up water as and when it needs it.

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