Our Packaging

Lava-Lite Sustainable Packaging

As we enter the world of retail, we have been very conscious of the need for sustainable packaging and have in our sights a number of sustainable innovations.

Our packaging has been designed to provide the end user with an easy to use product that is packed in an intuitive, attractive retail pouch.

Whilst not currently widely recyclable the empty pouches can be recycled through the National TerraCycle schemes.

Lava-Lite Single Use Plastic Removal

We fully support a move from single use plastics and are working towards its removal across all our products by 2025.

Lava-Lite - Working Towards Compostable Packaging

It is our intention to continue our innovation and move towards a fully recyclable option.

We are also researching compostable bags and a number of fully recycled alternatives, whilst still retaining an easy to use, desirable product.

Lava-Lite - Up-cycling and re-purposing our packaging

As part of our continued commitment to sustainability, we would encourage up-cycling or re-purposing the pouches.

Our pouch turned inside out makes a decorative planting pot to bring on your young seedlings.

Create a modern looking plant display or perhaps a handy pouch for storing small items in the home.

Lava-Lite+ - Closed Loop Watering System

Don’t forget to create your very own closed loop watering system in your pouch, using Lava-Lite+ and watch your plants thrive.

Lava-Lite - Return Your Packaging To Be Recycled

We also understand that you may prefer to recycle your Lava-Lite pouch but can’t find a recycling facility.

In these instances, you can simply return your empty pouch to us and we will recycle it for you.

Simply empty your pouch, wash out any residue and pop it in the post to:

Unit 1, Commercial Building,
NG12 2NL