Our Credentials

Lava-Lite products are 100 percent natural

100% Natural

All our products are derived from volcanic deposits, making them natural and sustainable, all the way from the ground up! They are as nature intended, nothing has been added...except perhaps a bit of TLC from Mother Nature!

Lava-Lite products are child and pet safe

Child and Pet Safe

We all like to protect our loved ones, making sure they come to no harm. You can be rest assured our products contain no nasties, are natural and completely safe for all animals and wildlife.

Lava-Lite products are eco-friendly


Protecting the environment is very important in today's world. All Lava-Lite products are completely non-toxic, pH neutral and inert, so they do not emit any toxins or contaminants. They are natural, bio-degradable and once used do not need to be thrown away. They can be simply dug into the ground or soil to help give a nutrient boost.

Lava-Lite products are 100 percent natural
Lava-Lite products act as a nutrient booster

Nutrient Booster

LAVA-LITE products are more than an inert decorative grow media, rather, over time, through the activity of microbes, it is slowly mined on a molecular level, (biological weathering) contributing valuable nutrients to the plants and soils they are added to —nutrients like silicon dioxide, iron, ferric oxide, ferrous oxide, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium oxide.Lava-Lite nutrient booster

Even the fine dust that clings to the particles is useful—providing readily soluble trace minerals and nutrients. No rinsing required—the clean, fine dust packaged with LAVA-LITE products will readily disperse, delivering a quick nutrient boost.