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How does ORCHID-GRO+ work?

Suitable for: All types of potted orchid

You have invested in your new gorgeous orchid, now you want to offer this beautiful, delicate plant the best chance of growth and enjoy its amazing flowers. Orchid plant care can be tricky.

ORCHID-GRO+ is a specialist orchid grow media that provides your new plant some real advantages and an environment to thrive. Not only is this product pH neutral, but it also an aesthetically pleasing decorative stone that is great to look at and enhances the overall appearance of your plants display. Add to this a whole host of other additional benefits, such as controlling moisture and encouraging excellent drainage, ORCHID-GRO+ makes taking care of orchids effortless. Mixing ORCHID-GRO+ with bark, other orchid soil or your preferred orchid growing media also offers additional aeration.

Like all LAVA-LITE products, it is 100% natural and ecologically friendly. Choosing ORCHID-GRO+ is the perfect solution to making caring for orchids simple.

Benefits of ORCHID-GRO+

Benefits of ORCHID-GRO+

Doesn't weigh your orchid down, making it easier for orchid maintenance and growth

Maintains stability
Helps give orchids the stability they need inside their container

Increases air flow
Being porous allows air to get to the roots

Does not break down like other organic matter or media

Mixes with other media
Perfect for mixing with bark and other media

Quick drainage
Absorbs water but also allows it to flow through

How to use ORCHID-GRO+

How to use ORCHID-GRO+

Step 1
Simply mix ORCHID-GRO+ in with your soil/compost and repot orchid. Use a generous amount i.e. one part ORCHID-GRO+ to three parts soil/compost, to get perfect drainage and oxygen into the roots.

Step 2
Place a layer on top of soil/compost for plant stability.

Step 3
Repeat the process for every orchid you have. For continued protection, place additional product as required.


Can LAVA-LITE ORCHID-GRO+ protect from extremes of heat?

Yes it can. With its porous and thermal properties ORCHID-GRO+ can help protect when the temperature changes from season-to-season.

When re-potting my orchid, the roots have all clung to the ORCHID-GRO+. Can I simply transfer it over and reuse it?

Yes. ORCHID-GRO+ doesn't degrade so can easily be transferred. When repotting, simply mix it with bark or something like sphagnum moss to help with the problem of the roots sticking in the future.

Do I need some other media as well as ORCHID-GRO+ when potting my new orchid?

Not necessarily. You can use just use ORCHID-GRO+ or mix it with other media, such as bark, sphagnum moss, and any other fibrous materials.

Is ORCHID-GRO+ suitable for both indoor and outdoor potted orchids?

Yes. It can be used with any potted orchid.

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