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How does NO-SLUGS work?

Suitable for: Outdoor plants and outdoor potted plants

Why kill slugs when LAVA-LITE NO-SLUGS offers a caring alternative, preserving your plants by creating a ring of protection that slugs and snails don’t like to cross. NO-SLUGS is a highly absorbent material that both acts as a natural slug deterrent and slug barrier whilst protecting your plants.

Should the slug choose to attempt to cross the material and not make it, any predator consuming the slug can do so without fear of poisoning. NO-SLUGS is a naturally derived non-toxic slug control product; child, pet and animal-safe. It contains no chemicals or pesticides and can be safely dug into the soil, offering fringe benefits of soil aeration.

Choosing NO-SLUGS natural slug control is a sound ecological decision, giving your unwanted visitors a choice to simply move on.

Benefits of NO-SLUGS

Benefits of NO-SLUGS

Water and feed can still drain through the soil to the roots as part of a watering regime

No harmful chemicals or pesticides
Nothing has been added, keeping a natural ph neutral balance

Will not kill or harm the slugs or snails, simply gives them the choice to move on

Continuous Use
When the product is no longer required, use around other plants or dig into soil

Keeps Eco-systems Balanced
Isn't harmful to any predators or prey of snails and slugs

Protects plant
Creating a barrier at the base of the plant to stop slugs eating them

How to use NO-SLUGS

How to use NO-SLUGS

Step 1
Place a ring of the product, about 10cm in diameter, evenly around the base of your plant.

Step 2
Push some of the product right up to the stem of your plant, leaving no gaps, ensuring the whole of the base is covered.

Step 3
Repeat the process for every plant you have in your house. For continued protection, place additional product as required.


Does NO-SLUGS kill the slug?

No. NO-SLUGS only acts as a barrier and deterrent to the slug, it does not harm the slug in any way.

Can NO-SLUGS be used on snails?

Absolutely. It can be used on any gastropod that has a mucus foot.

Is it safe if my dog eats it?

Yes. It is 100% natural. There are no toxic substances, nothing is added to any LAVA-LITE product.

There was a slug already on one of the leaves before I added the NO-SLUGS. Will it still work?

Unfortunately not. NO-SLUGS doesn't kill, it only stops slugs getting on to a plant. You need to ensure there are no slugs on the plant before adding the product.

How deep does my layer of NO-SLUGS need to be?

Approximately 1/2 inch (1.3cm) thick. Make sure the product covers all the way up to the stem of the plant, leaving no gaps.

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