LAVA-LITE Collection

Our 100% natural, pH neutral horticultural products are a perfect fit for all gardening needs.

From cactus and succulents, orchids and hydroponic systems to restoring and improving soil, our natural horticultural products really do benefit your plants.

Working alongside existing watering regimes and feeds, as well as a natural grow media on its own, the LAVA-LITE collection of organic horticulture products helps with moisture control, thermal protection and, when dug in to the soil, getting that vital air to the roots to keep your plants healthy.

All our 100% natural pest control products create a barrier to stop the laying of eggs or act as a deterrent. Naturally-derived, non-toxic pest control products that are child, pet and animal-safe as well as ecologically friendly.

As all our products are non-toxic and have no chemicals, any predators eating any prey that have come into contact with LAVA-LITE will not be harmed, ensuring ecosystems stay balanced.

Our houseplant collection of products perfectly fit the growing need for houseplant care and protection. Each product offers the same amazing benefits of the whole LAVA-LITE collection.

All our products are available to buy in easy 1 litre and 3 litre re-sealable pouches.

For more information about the whole collection of products, please use the button below. You can then click and view more information about each one individually.

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