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How does LAVA-LITE+ work?

Suitable for: House plants, borders and as a pot topper

LAVA-LITE+ is a natural grow media offering numerous benefits; as a 100% natural product with pH neutral properties, it is perfect for use with all plants. The porous properties of LAVA-LITE+ allow it to retain moisture, which in turn reduces soil drying and keeps your plants hydrated for longer. This together with its thermal protection properties, guarding root systems and soil from ground frost, makes it an unmatched garden solution.

This true all-rounder stone makes for a fantastic choice on the patio, in your garden borders and indoors. Finally, a multi-use addition that is equally happy in your garden or your home, that is great as a pot topper, offers plant protection and frost protection and soil moisture retention. LAVA-LITE+ is a must-have product, you will wonder how you coped without it.

Benefits of LAVA-LITE+

Benefits of LAVA-LITE+

Easy draining
Allows moisture to reach through the soil to the roots of your plants

Winter protection
Stops frost forming on plant base, keeps heat in

Holds up to 25% moisture for later use by plant

Doesn't break down
Does not degrade so can be continuously used

Can be used indoors on house plants and outdoors in borders and pots

Doesn't react to other chemicals in soil or air, is pH neutral.

How to use LAVA-LITE+

How to use LAVA-LITE+

Step 1
Pour as much product as required to evenly cover the entire surface of your plant pots/containers/borders.

Step 2
Gently pat down the product to make as even a surface as possible, pushing it fully to the edges.

Step 3
Repeat the process for every plant you have in your house/garden or border area.


My LAVA-LITE+ has gone green on top of my patio pot?

As LAVA-LITE+ retains moisture, moss and algae can form. During the summer months you can move the pot into the sunlight. The UV rays will bleach the product, lessening the green discolouration. Alternatively, dig the LAVA-LITE+ in to the soil and apply some more on top.

Can I use LAVA-LITE+ on my raised beds?

Yes. LAVA-LITE+ can be used on any type of bed as well as border.

Is LAVA-LITE+ suitable for soilless growing?

Definitely. It works equally well as its own grow media. We have a video demonstration about using LAVA-LITE+ to create a self-watering system.

Does LAVA-LITE+ protect my outdoor plants in winter?

Yes. LAVA-LITE+'s porous property helps to stop surface water freezing on the base of your plants. Also, LAVA-LITE+ helps to retain any heat coming up from below the ground.

Could I use LAVA-LITE+ on my Christmas tree?

Yes, absolutely. When your tree is indoors over the festive period, use it as a pot topper. If you are planting your tree after Christmas, dig in SOIL-RESTORE+ with your soil instead.

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