Re-planting your Christmas Tree with SOIL-RESTORE+

4th Jan 2022

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[Music] Person digging a hole, placing the Christmas tree in the hole (removed from pot) and adding in SOIL-RESTORE+. They then fill in the hole. Fades to next shot of the person tapping the tree to acknowledge it. Fades to end scene where a bag of SOIL-RESTORE+ is placed next to the tree. A caption slides in that says "Effortlessly nourish and protect all year round".

The baubles and lights have been taken off the Christmas tree, but after all the festivities you can still care for your tree by replanting it in your garden.

Before taking your Christmas tree to its new home, you need to find a space to dig a hole twice the size of the root ball or find a large pot for your tree to sit in. We advise adding in a few handfuls of compost to help improve the health of your soil. Dig in the leftover LAVA-LITE+ used on top of your potted tree into the soil to provide continued moisture retention and thermal protection through those winter months.

Adding in a few good handfuls of LAVA-LITE’s SOIL-RESTORE+ can help improve the soil’s ability to breathe, absorb and drain water effectively. SOIL-RESTORE+ reduces clay compaction, allowing roots to seek much needed nutrients, plus it’s also a great soil conditioner.

LAVA-LITE+ can help keep your Christmas tree hydrated for longer, with its porous properties allowing it to hold up to 25% more moisture. By placing a layer of LAVA-LITE+ evenly on top of the soil, it will offer plant protection and soil moisture retention.

By replanting your Christmas tree, it can continue to exhale oxygen, slow down climate change and reduce your carbon footprint. One planted tree can replenish the atmosphere with around 117kg of oxygen every year and can remove up to 22Kg of carbon dioxide from the air.*

Effortlessly nourish and protect your tree all year round by helping it to grow and stay strong with LAVA-LITE, ready to be welcomed back into your house next year.


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