Organic Horticulture Products From LAVA-LITE

12th Mar 2021

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The final video in our introductory series talks about our horticultural products. There are products to help with the growing of orchids, cactus and succulents as well as hydroponic systems and soil conditioning.

Audio Video
[Music] Lava-LIVE logo introduction - a hand comes into screen and clicks a button that reveals the logo and the brand colours.
Hi, I'm Dominic, and this is the LAVA-LITE horticulture collection. We've got CACTUS-GRO+, which is for cactus and succulents, and acts as a growing media. We've got ORCHID-GRO+ and that can be mixed in with the bark and also acts as a growing media and a decorative pot topper. We've got HYDRO-GRO+ for hydroponic and aquaponic systems, which is soilless cultivation, and we've got SOIL-RESTORE+ which will alleviate heavy compacted clay soils. They all carry the plus symbol which carries the added benefits of being thermal protective, pH neutral. They will aid moisture control, they're all 100% natural, eco-friendly, child safe and pet safe and they all act as a nutrient booster...the LAVA-LITE+ horticultural collection.
Dominic talks briefly to camera about the collection of natural horticulture products from LAVA-LITE, crouched down beside an example of each product.

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