Lava-LIVE is Live!

10th Nov 2020

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Welcome to LAVA-LIVE, the new blog from Lava-Lite - Naturally The Best. We will keep you up-to-date with hints and tips on using LAVA-LITE, new products that will be coming and any other news and information on everything horticulture!

Please watch the introduction video from one of our founders, Dominic.

Audio Video
[Music] Lava-LIVE logo introduction - a hand comes into screen and clicks a button that reveals the logo and the brand colours.
Hi, I'm Dominic, and welcome to Lava-LIVE. This is our video blog and we'll be using this to promote LAVA-LITE, promote the products, give hints and tips and how it can be used, different ways in which to use it, and indeed, promote new products. Anything really to do with LAVA-LITE. And if you've got any different ideas of how you're using it that we don't know about, let us know and we'll probably do a video blog about it.
Dominic stands in front of the camera and introduces the new video blog from LAVA-LITE - Lava-LIVE.

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