Introduction to the LAVA-LITE brand

12th Nov 2020

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In the second video for Lava-LIVE, Dominic and Kieron introduce you to the LAVA-LITE brand, with a brief look at the collection of natural horticulture products that make up LAVA-LITE - Naturally The Best.

Audio Video
[Music] Lava-LIVE logo introduction - a hand comes into screen and clicks a button that reveals the logo and the brand colours.
Hi, I'm Dominic
Dominic and Kieran are stood together in front of the camera. Dominic introduces himself.
and I'm Kieran, and we are the brothers behind LAVA-LITE.
Kieran introduces himself.
LAVA-LITE Naturally The Best is a collection of products that are 100% natural, 100% eco-friendly, child safe and pet safe. The collection comprises of pest control and horticultural products, slug control, fungus gnat control, decorative grow media, cactus and succulent grow media, orchid grow media, hydroponic and aquaponic system grow media and clay soil compaction reduction. Derived from volcanic deposits, all LAVA-LITE products are pH neutral, they're naturally lightweight and offer the world of horticulture ecological solutions.
Dominic introduces all of the products in the collection and explains their specific uses.
Not only is LAVA-LITE decorative it's also easy to use, provides great results and doesn't require specialist handling. That makes it perfect and ideal for the amateur or the professional gardener alike.
Kieran explains to camera the benefits for both the novice and professional gardener.

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