LAVA-LITE+ - The horticultural grow media from LAVA-LITE

14th Jan 2021

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Lava-LIVE's next video introduces our horticulture grow media product - LAVA-LITE+. Perfect for borders and pot plants, holds up to 25% moisture, easy draining, offers thermal protection and will not degrade.

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[Music] Lava-LIVE logo introduction - a hand comes into screen and clicks a button that reveals the logo and the brand colours.
Hi, I'm Dominic. And this is LAVA-LITE+. It's firmly at the heart of the LAVA-LITE brand. Not only is it a highly decorative grow media, but it holds countless other benefits. For instance, frost protection, where the pockets of air keep it thermally insulated around any plant or border it is placed upon. In the summertime, it stops the moisture dehydrating from the plant substrate, as it retains moisture, up to 25%. And that can be wick back to the plants as and when it's required. Now, LAVA-LITE+ won't degrade either. So it could be used season upon season, year in and year out. Also, it's a nutrient booster that allows nutrients to be added back to the soil and around to the plants, and that will promote strong root growth and healthy plant. And that's LAVA-LITE+.
Dominic talks briefly to camera about LAVA-LITE+, stood up with a bag in his hand.

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