How LAVA-LITE was born

26th Nov 2020

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In this video Dominic and Kieron talk us through how LAVA-LITE - Naturally The Best came about in the summer of 2018 and the collection of natural horticulture products and pest control products evolved.

Audio Video
[Music] Lava-LIVE logo introduction - a hand comes into screen and clicks a button that reveals the logo and the brand colours.
Hi, I'm Dominic
Dominic and Kieron are stood side-by-side. Dominic introduces himself to camera.
and I'm Kieran and we are the brothers behind LAVA-LITE
Kieran introduces himself to camera.
LAVA-LITE came about during the hot drought conditions in the summer of 2018. What started out purely as a garden decoration exercise, ended up in something completely different. We placed the LAVA-LITE product around plants and in borders, and what became very apparent was those products survived, and thrived, during those conditions. It was even more apparent that those that hadn't had the protection of LAVA-LITE around them didn't survive. We then questioned why it worked so well and from there on in we created the brand LAVA-LITE and consequently from that came the production of the collection that we have today.
Dominic explains to camera how LAVA-LITE came about.

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