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29th Nov 2021

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[Christmas Music] A potted Christmas tree is sat in front of a roaring fire, with presents all around. Santa leans in to shot and pours LAVA-LITE+ over the base of the Christams tree, pats the side of the plant pot, then places a bag of LAVA-LITE+ next to the pot. The picture fades out to reveal a caption that reads "Naturally the best gift for everyone".

Selecting a potted Christmas tree this year will provide a sustainable option all throughout the festive season. Once Christmas is over, you can simply plant your tree in your garden. A two-metre Christmas tree with roots that is disposed of into a landfill produces a carbon footprint four times more than a Christmas tree that is re-planted in your garden. *

Giving your Christmas tree the gift of life during and after the holiday season can provide a multitude of sustainable benefits. One planted tree can replenish the atmosphere with around 117kg of oxygen every year** and can remove up to 22Kg of carbon dioxide from the air.***

But caring for your tree while it’s serving it’s festive function is just as important. As with most houseplants, watering is key. Too much and your potted Christmas tree will die, too little and the tree will droop and wilt.

LAVA-LITE+ can help keep your Christmas tree hydrated for longer, with its porous properties allowing it to hold up to 25% more moisture. By placing a layer evenly on top of the soil, it will offer plant protection and soil moisture retention.

LAVA-LITE+ offers many other benefits for your Christmas tree, from being 100% natural and eco-friendly, to having PH neutral properties and easy drainage.

While you’re enjoying the festivities, keep an eye out for those fungus gnats that will breed in the moist soil of your Christmas Tree. You can use LAVA-LITE+ NO-GNATS for a 100% natural solution to eradicate those annoying flies by creating a barrier between the soil and air for total gnat control.

LAVA-LITE - effortlessly nourishing and protecting your plants all year round.


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