NO-GNATS can help with fungus gnats in winter

Why are there still fungus gnats around in winter?

You might be surprised to know that fungus gnats (also known as sciarid flies) can easily survive throughout the year...

Fungus Gnat Control

21st Feb

LAVA-LITE has been shortlisted for a StartUp Award

LAVA-LITE shortlisted for StartUp Awards National Series

LAVA-LITE has been named one of the most exciting new businesses in the region...

StartUp Awards

30th Mar

How to plant your Christmas Tree after Christmas

Re-planting your Christmas Tree

Still care for your tree by replanting it in your garden.

Re-planting your tree

4th Jan

The perfect present for everyone at Christmas

Christmas Wishlist

LAVA-LITE - The perfect Christmas gift...for everyone

Our Christmas gift

29th Nov

Use LAVA-LITE+ for a self contained watering solution

How LAVA-LITE+ can help create a Self Watering System

To celebrate Water Saving Week, let Dominic show you how using LAVA-LITE+ when potting your plants can help reduce your water usage.

Create the system

17th May

Our full collection of natural products

Organic Horticulture Products From LAVA-LITE

This video introduces the final part of the LAVA-LITE Collection - horticulture, including CACTUS-GRO+, ORCHID-GRO+, HYDRO-GRO+ and SOIL-RESTORE+

The whole collection

12th Mar

LAVA-LITE products to help with those pesky pests.

Pest Control Products From LAVA-LITE

The next Lava-LIVE video introduces our pest control products - NO-SLUGS and NO-GNATS.

Pest control products

19th Feb

LAVA-LITE+ was the first product from LAVA-LITE

LAVA-LITE+ - The horticultural grow media from LAVA-LITE

Lava-LIVE's next video introduces our horticulture grow media product - LAVA-LITE+.

The first product

14th Jan

How LAVA-LITE was born

How LAVA-LITE - Naturally The Best came about

In this video Dominic and Kieron talk us through how LAVA-LITE - Naturally The Best was born.

How it started

26th Nov

A brief insight into brand LAVA-LITE

Introduction to the LAVA-LITE brand

In the second video for Lava-LIVE, Dominic and Kieron introduce you to the LAVA-LITE brand.

More about the brand

12th Nov

Lava-LIVE is now up and running

Lava-Live is LIVE!

Welcome to LAVA-LIVE, the new blog from LAVA-LITE - Naturally The Best.

About Lava-LIVE Blog

10th Nov

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