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Hydroponic growing media

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How does HYDRO-GRO+ work?

Suitable for: Hydroponics/aquaponics/cutting propagation

Hydroponic growing requires a stable controlled environment, which can often be difficult to manage, but with HYDRO-GRO+ you have complete control. Its composition encourages root distribution and strength and as a pH neutral, 100% natural, chemically inert media, it provides the perfect base for full control of the addition of feeds, nutrients and any introduced fertilisers that form your hydroponic system.

Additionally to this, HYDRO-GRO+ soil-less growth reduces the associated issues of soil borne diseases, whilst encouraging beneficial bacteria or microbe colonisation. The product can be reused, offering a high crop cycle with complete control, from seedling through to harvest.

Choosing HYDRO-GRO+ is an absolute must to ensure you have complete control over your hydroponic or aquaponic system.

Benefits of HYDRO-GRO+

Benefits of HYDRO-GRO+

Microbe colonisation
Porous nature supports beneficial bacteria and microbe conolisation

Soft edges
Soft edges of product will not damage delicate roots, encouraging growth

Ideal balance
Provides ideal balance between drainability, moisture retention and gas exchange in the root zone

Reduces risk of disease
Reduces the risk of plants getting soil borne diseases

Soilless growing
Can be used as a complete hydroponic grow media

Growing control
pH neutral, allowing complete control over feeding regimes

How to use HYDRO-GRO+

How to use HYDRO-GRO+

Step 1
If using a seed, fill your hydroponic container completely with the product. If you are using a seedling or cutting, fill up to the depth of your seedling/cutting. For example, if your seedling is four inches long, leave a four inch gap.

Step 2
Gently pat down the product to make as even a surface as possible, pushing it fully to the edge of your pot/container.

Step 3
Using your finger, push your seed into the product to a depth of roughly 3 inches. If using a seedling/cutting, hold it in place and fill in the rest of the way up to the top of the container with product.


Can LAVA-LITE HYDRO-GRO+ be used on vegetable plants?

Of course. HYDRO-GRO+ works well as a soilless hydroponic grow media for certain vegetables.

Is HYDRO-GRO+ suitable for use with cut flowers in a vase?

Yes. HYDRO-GRO+ can be used for cutting propagation.

As HYDRO-GRO+ is a volcanic stone, will it harm the smaller roots?

No. HYDRO-GRO+ has smoother edges that will not harm the delicate smaller roots, thus helping new growth.

If I use HYDRO-GRO+ in my aquaponic setup will it harm my fish?

No. HYDRO-GRO+, along with all LAVA-LITE products, are aquatic safe and can actually help filter the water.

Do I need to wash it before using it in my hydropnic setup?

It is best to. Washing the product before use cleans away the fines and can stop clogging up any filters.

Can I use it in grow troughs?

Absolutely. It can be used in any veg or grow troughs, planters and raised bed kits.

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