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How does NO-GNATS work?

Suitable for: House plants and office plants

A house or office full of beautiful plants and potted flowers offers a calming environment; however, all that lovely moist soil is a perfect breeding place for fungus gnats and fungus gnat larvae. The adults lay their eggs in the damp warm soil or peat, soon to complete their life cycle and fill your room with small annoying black gnats, all looking for the next place to lay their eggs.

Get rid of your fungus gnat infestation with NO-GNATS. NO-GNATS offers a simple, 100% natural solution to the eradication of these annoying flies on your houseplants and office plants. By creating a barrier between the soil and the air, NO-GNATS inhibits the ability to lay eggs in the soil and for the fungus gnat larvae to escape, for total fungus gnat control.

It also offers the added benefit of being a pH neutral product that can be used with any household plant variety and its composition increases moisture retention. Choosing NO-GNATS is a sound ecological decision, with no harmful chemicals or pesticides - for natural gnat control.

Benefits of NO-GNATS

Benefits of NO-GNATS

Protects plant
Creating a barrier at the base of the plant to stop fungus gnats

Continuous Use
When the product is no longer required, use around other plants or dig into soil

Any houseplant
Works with all types of house plants and office plants, regardless of size

Long-term solution
Stops the life cycle of the gnats, so once they are gone, they are gone...forever

No harmful chemicals or pesticides
Nothing has been added, keeping a natural ph neutral balance

Water and feed can still drain through the soil to the roots as part of a watering regime

How to use NO-GNATS

How to use NO-GNATS

Step 1
Pour approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch (1.5-2cm) layer of product to fully cover the entire surface of your plant pots/containers.

Step 2
Gently pat down the product to make as even a surface as possible, pushing it fully to the edge of your pot/container.

Step 3
Repeat the process for every plant you have in your house. For continued protection, place additional product as required.


Is LAVA-LITE NO-GNATS a natural fungus gnat control solution?

LAVA-LITE is 100% natural, eco-friendly and does not contain chemicals or pesticides. It is designed specifically to stop the fungus gnat cycle so cannot continue to lay their eggs and larvae cannot escape the soil.

How long will it take NO-GNATS to control my fungus gnat infestation?

It might take up to 8-14 days for the fungus gnat cycle to be broken and infestations to be controlled.

I've added NO-GNATS to one of my plants but the gnats haven't gone?

If the gnats can't lay their eggs in the soil of one plant they will move to one that they can. You will need to cover every houseplant in your home or office with NO-GNATS in order to stop the gnats.

I've noticed that there are more gnats in the air since I added NO-GNATS to the top of my plants. Is it working?

It will appear there are more gnats around, but don't worry, this means the product is working. The gnats are in the air because they are trying to find somewhere to lay their eggs as they can't lay them where you have placed NO-GNATS.

Can I still water my plants if I have used NO-GNATS?

Yes. The product is porous so water can pass through it and reach the soil and roots. It also retains about 25% moisture.

Can I use any LAVA-LITE product to get rid of my gnat problem?

Unfortunately not. Only NO-GNATS will work as this has been specifically designed as a solution to the problem.

For how long should I leave NO-GNATS on top of my plants?

It is best that you leave NO-GNATS for at least as long as it takes to break the fungus gnat cycle. If you like, you can leave it permanently on top to get all the other benefits NO-GNATS provides.

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