We understand that you will have questions about our collection of natural horticulture products. We have tried to answer them as best we can.

If you do have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

What is LAVA-LITE made from?

LAVA-LITE is a volcanic stone that has been formed naturally during a volcanic eruption and the aftermath. Unlike Perlite and Vermiculite, it doesn't need to be heat treated further for expansion. All LAVA-LITE products are 100% natural, inert and pH neutral.

Can I water on top of LAVA-LITE?

Absolutely. The porous nature of LAVA-LITE allows water to flow through it so that it can reach underneath. However, LAVA-LITE also has the ability to retain moisture so that plants can access water when they need to.

Can LAVA-LITE be used on vegetable plants?

Of course. LAVA-LITE can be used on all indoor/outdoor plants. We have tailored our products to make it easier for people to use them for a particular type of horticultural need. LAVA-LITE HYDRO-GRO+ works well as a hydroponic grow media for certain vegetables.

I've noticed that my LAVA-LITE stone has gone brown on the top of my plants. Is this normal?

This is completely natural and nothing to worry about. It means the product is doing its job. What is happening is the tannins from the compost used around your plants are being drawn into the LAVA-LITE. Tannins are natural and is what gives tea and autumn leaves their colour.

I use a liquid feed on my plants. Can I use LAVA-LITE alongside the feed?

Yes. LAVA-LITE can be used alongside any feeding regime because of its inert and pH neutral qualities, giving you complete control over your regime. Please be aware that the LAVA-LITE may discolour if the feed has a colour to it.

Will it alter my feeding regime?

No. LAVA-LITE acts as a carrier for the feed and will not alter the properties of the feed.

Do I still need to water my plants if I use LAVA-LITE products?

Definitely. Although our products help plants retain moisture, they will die if you do not water them.

Can you mix more than one LAVA-LITE product together when using on top of a plant base?

We would advice against doing this because the products have been tailored specifically for each individual purpose, which might affect their efficiency. However, if using a LAVA-LITE product dug into the soil/compost of your house/office plant, you will need to top of the pot with NO-GNATS to stop the fungus gnat cycle.

How long do the products last?

As our products do not contain any organic matter, they do not decompose or degrade. They can be used indefinitely, from season-to-season, year-to-year, and remain effective.

How/where do I store your pouches?

As our products are inert, non-toxic, child/pet safe and come in a re-sealable pouch, you can store them practically anywhere in your home or garden building. However, the larger grade LAVA-LITE products are best kept away from the reach of very young children, in case of the risk of choking.

How do I open the pouch?

Firstly, you need to tear it open before use. There are two nicks in the sides of the pouch, near the top. Starting with either one, grip the pouch and tear towards the other nick until it comes off as a strip. You can then pull apart the pouch from the top. There is a resealable part to each pouch. Once you have used the product, simply pinch along the resealable line to close the pouch.

Can I recycle your pouches after I have finished with them?

We are working towards compostable, biodegradable packaging, but currently they are not recyclable in your bins at home. However, they can be recycled via the Terracycle scheme. Alternatively, we can recycle them for you. Simply send us your empty pouches in the post. View our packaging page for more information.

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