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How does COMPOSTER+ work?

Suitable for: All types of compost/composting

Composting at home can help reduce carbon emissions and global warming. With this in mind, LAVA-LITE COMPOSTER+, the newest member of the LAVA-LITE family, is the perfect conditioner for your compost, whether bought in a shop or made at home.

COMPOSTER+ works by aiding the composting process, increasing air exchange and reducing the amount of nitrogen loss, helping to enhance the compost structure.

As COMPOSTER+ does not degrade, your compost will continue to see the benefits season after season.

Benefits of COMPOSTER+

Benefits of COMPOSTER+

Enhances structure
Improves compost structure by adding better drainage and aeration

Aids composting process
Helps the biological composting process

Increases air exchange
Adds more air into the composting process

Reduces nitrogen loss
Holds on to more nitrogen, otherwise lost in the composting process

Compost conditioner
Aids in reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Bulking agent
Does not degrade and compact, acting as a carrier for other added agents

How to use COMPOSTER+

How to use COMPOSTER+

Step 1
Generously sprinkle a layer of the product on top of your compost (roughly 300g). However, the amount used very much depends on the size of your compost/composter.

Step 2
Repeat the process for every new layer of compostible, organic material you add to your compost.

Step 3
Alternatively, mix in to pre-purchased compost to an apporximate ratio of 3 litres for every 20-40 litres of compost.


I assume LAVA-LITE COMPOSTER+ works with any shop bought compost?

You are correct in your assumption! It is a great addition to any pre-bought compost, adding all the normal benefits.

I make my own compost at home. Does COMPOSTER+ work with home made compost as well?

Absolutely. Simply sprinkle a layer of COMPOSTER+ on top of every new layer of compostable material you add to your composter.

I find peat free compost to be quite dry and not good at holding water. Can COMPOSTER+ help?

Definitely. Moisture retention and control is one of the main benefits of COMPOSTER+.

Does COMPOSTER+ speed up the composting process?

Yes. It is designed to assist with the anaerobic digestion (bacteria breaking down organic matter) process of composting.

Once my home compost process has finished and my compost is ready, can I leave the COMPOSTER+ in it?

Yes. As the product doesn't degrade it can be reused, or simply left in your composter. It might even help if there is a bit of a pong!

Is LAVA-LITE harmful to any of the worms or other creatures in my composter?

Absolutely not. COMPOSTER+ is 100% natural, non-toxic and zero-harm, it is perfectly safe.

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