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Cactus growing media

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How does CACTUS-GRO+ work?

Suitable for: Cactus & Succulents, bonsai

Despite their hardy outer exterior, indoor cactus plants need caring for too! Well-drained soil with careful water management will ensure your cactus achieves its best results. CACTUS-GRO+ can help to create the perfect environment for your cactus to thrive, promoting healthy root systems and providing excellent drainage through its moisture retention. This makes watering cactus a lot easier to manage. CACTUS-GRO+ cactus growing media is the perfect choice for all your cactus and succulent growing needs.

CACTUS-GRO+ can be used as part of a cactus potting mix or cactus potting soil, it can be used on its own as a complete cactus potting media if you are propagating cacti and succulents for better root growth, and it looks fantastic as a top dressing.

Benefits of CACTUS-GRO+

Benefits of CACTUS-GRO+

Enhances drainage
Allows effective drainage with moisture retention properties

Absorbs moisture
Keeps hold of up to 25% moisture, helping to maintain your plant's watering regime

Promotes healthy roots
Allows air to roots to provide healthy root structures

Great propagator
Water holding properties help propagate cuttings

Slowly releases water
Slowly releases water as the plant needs it

Stops water pooling
Help prevent your plants from sitting and drowning in pooled water

How to use CACTUS-GRO+

How to use CACTUS-GRO+

Step 1
Depending on the size of your pot, place a layer of product (approximately 3/4 inch or 2-2.5cm) evenly around the base of your plant, on top of the soil.

Step 2
Gently pat down the product to make as even a surface as possible, pushing it fully to the edge of your pot/container.

Step 3
Repeat the process for every plant you have in your house. For continued protection, place additional product as required.


Is LAVA-LITE CACTUS-GRO+ suitable for use with bonsai trees?

Absolutely. CACTUS-GRO+ is perfect for all cactus, succulents and bonsai as a growing media to help your house or office plants thrive.

Can CACTUS-GRO+ be used in terrariums?

Yes. CACTUS-GRO+ is ideally suited for use in terrariums, helping to maintain moisture levels and creating a drainage layer to balance the whole contained ecosystem.

Is CACTUS-GRO+ supposed to be used to top by plant pot or dug into the soil?

Both. It can be used either way to add all the benefits CACTUS-GRO+ provides. If digging in to the soil, depending on the size of your container, use roughly 15-25% of the pot capacity.

Is soilless growing possible with CACTUS-GRO+?

Definitely. Depending on the size of the container you are going to use, simply place roughly 5cm of the product in the bottom, add in your plant (with root ball but no soil/compost) and fill around the rest of your plant with CACTUS-GRO+, levelling out the top once done.

Can I use CACTUS-GRO+ to create a good, stable microclimate?

Yes. The product can be used to aid in the production of constant conditions, with its thermal and moisture retention properties.

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