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We’re Dominic & Kieron Tompkin, the brothers behind LAVA-LITE.

Having traded various stone and aggregates for a number of years in other industries, an epiphany moment was reached in the very hot UK summer of 2018.

It was early spring and the weather had started to improve and our gardens needed to do the same after the winter. We decided to put one of our more decorative stones around some of our plants and in pots in our gardens.

Easiest being the best rule, we chose to use the lightest weight as we were going to have to carry the stone filled bags from our cars and into our respective gardens.

A job well done, pots and boarder displays came to life with the new fresh bright granulate, allowing the plants to showcase their vivid colours.

It wasn’t until the heatwave and drought conditions were in full effect that we both realised that neither of us had paid anymore attention to watering the plants on what had become the hottest, driest summer on record. It was clearly apparent to both of us that not only had the plants survived but they had actually thrived!!!

That was it. LAVA-LITE was born. We knew that if we could keep plants healthy through a very hot summer with minimum effort then we should make the magic available to everyone else!

You’re welcome...

Dominic & Kieron

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Our Credentials

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