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Advantages of LAVA-LITE® Growing Media

  • Demonstrates a reduced risk of soil-borne diseases compared to other growing media
  • The structure is not degraded during cultivation, so it can be reused for several cultivation seasons
  • It is a completely natural formed material with no industrial processing
  • It presents an ideal balance of air/water at the roots of plants.
  • It is chemically inert and thus nutrition of the plant is fully controlled
  • It is recyclable
  • It has a consistent quality and high purity due to the homogenity of the deposit.
  • It is a natural raw material completely environmentally friendly

Soiless Horticulture

LAVA-LITE® growing media provides a perfect ratio of water capacity and air permiability and does not impact the environment at the end of its lifecycle. Futhermore LAVA-LITE® adequately reconciles water retention needs with proper root drainage and aeration requirements.

LAVA-LITE® growing media can be reused over long periods of time (up to 6 Years)

Green Rooftop Substrate

Popularity of green roof designs by architects has led to LAVA-LITE® being used in a variety of green roof projects, benefits include

  • Increases green space in urban environments
  • Reduces the effect of the "urban heat island" effect UHI
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Manage rainwater
  • Increase buildings energy efficiency
  • Cut down on energy consumption

LAVA-LITE® as a Soil Improver

LAVA-LITE® can be easily used to impove soils that do not benefit from an ideal soil texture and suffer from either poor drainage or insufficient moisture retention capacity. LAVA-LITE® renders clay soils more porous therefore improving drainage of excess moisture whilst increasing root aeration. LAVA-LITE® also increases the porosity of sandy soil which by nature is very low (35-40%) and consiquently improves its air capacity.

When LAVA-LITE® is added to soil it will not affect its pH and will not have an effect on the fertility of the soil given that it is chemically inert and completely nautural yet the benefits of LAVA-LITE® in soil are notable with the improved drainage, areation and increased oxygen supply to the roots, as a consequence the rate of root respiration increase as does the nutrient uptake efficiency, while root growth is promoted.

Ideal for Landscape Architecture

  • Ideal as a decorative aggregate
  • Natural thermal properties
  • Will help protect plants from severe weather
  • An attractive edging material for paths and gardens
  • Perfect as a decorative plant pot topper
  • Can be used as an aggregate to produce lightweight concrete
  • Available in 2 typical grades 0-8mm & 8-15mm